Clicking the “Buy Now” button takes you to PayPal’s online payment system to complete the purchase process. After completing your purchase, PayPal forwards your order to me via e-mail. My system automatically checks e-mail once every 60 minutes and when it receives an order, it verifies the order and then responds by e-mailing the Fight Back eGuide to the e-mail address you provided during the PayPal purchase process.

Please keep in mind that some e-mail servers can be slow at times, especially during peak hours. Depending on your e-mail server’s speed, it may take just a few minutes or as long as several hours before the e-mail with the Fight Back eGuide attached arrives in your in box. 

Please note there is NO DOWNLOADING involved in the purchase process. The Fight Back eGuide is e-mailed to you as a PDF attachment. If you do not see the e-mail in your in box, please check your SPAM folder because some e-mail programs automatically put e-mail with attachments into a spam folder. Also, some servers automatically delete e-mail containing attachments. Be sure to check your server’s policy on this.

Finally, please remember the e-mail address you provide PayPal because it is the e-mail address I will use to send the eGuide too. I’ve discovered over the years that people like to use an alternate e-mail address when ordering through PayPal, but then forget they used an alternate address, so please check ALL of your alternate e-mail addresses for your order.

After completing your purchase on PayPal, you can return to this website by clicking the Rich’s Enterprises, LLC link on the payment receipt page.