Debt *Paid In Full* Letter

Use this letter when you are making your “final payment” to a debt collection agency and need a record of your actions.

When you come to the last payment on debts, it’s a good idea to send collectors a letter informing them of your final payment. This letter provides a written record of your actions, and it can help prove your case down the road should the matter come up again. Use the free sample letter below to compose your own personal “paid in full” letter.

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Free Sample Paid in Full Letter
Informing Collectors of Your Final Payment

Today’s Date

Your Name
Home Address
Phone Number

Attention: {name of collector}
Name of Debt Collection
Agency Address

Account Number: {account or reference number}

Dear Mr. /Ms. {Collector’s Name or Collection Agency’s name}

You’ll find my final payment on the above-referenced account enclosed.  I request written confirmation showing this account as {paid in full or settled} according to our agreement on the {insert date of agreement}.  However, should you choose not you provide me with confirmation, I will use your acceptance of this final payment as proof that you agree the account is {paid in full or settled}?

Now that I’ve paid this debt, I do not expect to hear from you except to confirm the account is paid off.  I will consider any other contact from you or your company as harassment and will immediately report your actions to my State Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission and, if necessary, take whatever legal action is necessary to protect myself.  Finally, I expect you to remove this account and all references to my personal information from your records.

Signature just above the printed name
Your Printed Name

Note: Send your paid in full letter via “return receipt requested” and keep a copy for your records.