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Thank You!!!


The letters are packaged into a Zip file that is e-mailed to the address you provided PayPal. The bundled letters are text documents; thus they cannot be sent by regular mail!

My system is automated so by the time you read this, the letters should already be on their way to your e-mail in box. However, technology is not always perfect so it may take some time before they arrive.

Please keep in mind that some e-mail servers can be slow at times, especially during peak hours.

Depending on your e-mail server’s speed, it may take just a few minutes or as long as several hours before the letters arrive. 

eCheck Payments:

If you paid by eCheck or some other form of payment requiring additional verification, you will receive a confirmation e-mail letting you know that, as soon as Paypal notifies me that your eCheck has cleared and I verify it, I will forward the packaged letters via E-mail.

CAUTION! If you have SPAM filters turned on and/or you require a confirmation e-mail before accepting e-mail from people not on your “allowed list” then your system may reject the e-mail containing the packaged letters.

Check your spam box and if you still have no e-mail from me with your instructions, please contact me at

Once again, thank you for your purchase.


Rich Rafferty
Rich’s Enterprises, LLC


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Once, you’ve received the packaged letters, your transaction is complete. PayPal has already sent a receipt for your purchase to your e-mail address. You can also view details of your transaction by logging into your account at