The How-to Guide for Handling Debt Collector and Creditor Harassment!

Are you being harassed by creditors and debt collectors?

  • Are they using abusive language and tactics to bully and intimidate you?
  • Are you afraid to answer the phone or open your mail?
  • Are you drowning in debt with no where to turn?

If your dealing with creditor or debt collection issues and need help understanding your options then you need my easy to use, Step-by-Step guide for handling unfair and illegal tactics used by creditors and debt collectors alike. 

Understanding your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is your first step toward stopping illegal and unethical collector harassment and achieving piece of mind.

Your next step is to have detailed information at your fingertips for handling any type of debt collection issue. Whether you’re dealing with 3rd party debt collectors, Junk Debt Buyers or attorney debt collectors, my guide takes you from the initial debt collection call all the way through the process for properly disputing debts and stopping the abuse! 

Several years ago, I was out of work and unable to pay my debts (especially my credit cards) and I felt lost with no where to turn. I was tired of getting pushed around by unethical debt collectors so I decided to do something about my situation. I no longer wanted to be afraid every time the phone rang.

Stop Creditor and Collection Harassment Today! Take Control for only $9.95

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Fed up with the harassment, I decided to FIGHT BACK against unscrupulous debt collectors who were bullying me into paying debts (some had already expired) that I just could not pay! One day I stumbled across the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and it was the first day in a long, long time I actually felt relief! Finally, I had something to help me Fight Back!

Did you know that

  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that offers a great deal of protection from debt collectors who use illegal and unethical collection tactics?
  • Unless you are aware of this law and understand how to use it, you are at the mercy of unethical debt collectors who use underhanded tactics to intimidate you into paying debts that have expired, are invalid, or worse…bills you simply can no longer afford to pay!
  • You should at least know as much about your rights as collectors do. Knowing your rights will help protect you and your family from collection Harassment and abuse!

After learning about the FDCPA, whenever collectors called to harass me, I used the steps outlined in my guide to stop their illegal harassment, and now so can you!

I wrote this guide to help consumers who are dealing with the same issues I dealt with…those feelings of helplessness, loss of control, and having nowhere to turn.

I’ve made the guide affordable because if you’re reading this, every penny counts!

Supported by this little-known law, I used the FDCPA to fight back! It felt great to finally be in control!

My Guide tells you what to say and how to say it! I show you how to “Control the Ball” when collectors call!

Now you can be fully prepared the next time that phone rings!

Special Tip! Unethical debt collectors expect, even depend on you not knowing your rights! They use illegal and unethical tactics to intimidate and scare you but, if you learn to “Control the Ball,” you’ll find it amusing (maybe even entertaining) when collectors become “Frustrated” because they can no longer control you! 

Your MOST Important Right!

Did you know the FDCPA gives you the right to stop collectors from harassing you EVEN if you owe the money! 

Did you know most debts have an expiration date?

It’s called the “Statute of Limitations (SoL). It’s a legal time limit set by state law that renders the debt unenforceable in court after the time limit has passed. 

Of course unethical debt collectors never tell you when a debt has expired but debts do expire!

Learn how, and when to use this important and powerful right; the “Expired Statute of Limitations Defense!”

Did you know most credit card debts usually expire between 3 and 6 years after your last payment (activity)? Use the Expired Statute of Limitations Defense and you cannot be forced to pay an expired credit card debt! 

WARNING! Unethical debt collectors are very good at tricking you into resetting the Statute of Limitations! I show you how to avoid this Trap! 

Learn about the SoL defense and avoid the SoL Trap for only $9.95

Sixteen Information-Packed Chapters!

Here is just a sampling of what my guide offers:

Chapter 1:

Learn all about legal and illegal collection tactics and how to stop calls to home, work and to 3rd parties (friends, neighbors, employers, and family members);


Stop Creditor and Collection Harassment Today! Take Control for only $9.95

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Learn all about illegal dunning (collection) letters, post cards, emails, and illegal home and/or work collection calls;

Learn how collectors use Credit Reports as Leverage and how to avoid falling for this tactic!

Learn what to do about Illegal threats such as “I’ll have you arrested or fired” or “‘I’ll take your home,” or “Ill garnish your wages!”

Learn how to handle that very first Debt Collection Call and stop all future calls.

Chapter 2:

Learn about valid and invalid debts! Did you know the Courts will not enforce the collection of invalid debts? In other words, collectors have no means of forcing you to pay (but they certainly don’t want you to know this!)

You’ll also learn:

The legal definition of creditors versus collectors and how to handle both when they call and harass you; 

How to properly dispute ALL debts defined in the FDCPA 

What to do when you’ve already paid or settled a debt, but collectors keep calling anyway; 

About the Statute of Limitations on debts and what to do if a debt has “expired” but collectors continue calling; 

About the Statute of Limitations on debts and what to do if a debt has “expired” but collectors continue calling; What options you have when you cannot pay your bills because of life-altering events such as losing a job, becoming ill or being placed on disability or going through a divorce; 

How to protect yourself when making payment offers; 

How to determine whether it’s better to “pay in full” or “settle a debt”; 

How to negotiate debt settlements;

Chapter 3: Learn how to properly dispute invalid debts beginning with that very first collection call! You’ll also learn what actions to take when collectors cross the line and use illegal collection tactics.

Chapter 4: Explains why and how most consumers end up with default judgments. Learn how to get them overturned (removed or set aside). I show you a simple technique that prevents default judgments in the first place! 

Chapter 5: Learn why wage garnishment is not as much of a threat as collectors would like you to believe! Learn why wage garnishment might be your best option? This section describes wage garnishment and bank account garnishment and personal property seizure and provides information on what to do when faced with garnishment actions. 

Stop Creditor and Collection Harassment Today! Take Control for only $9.95

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Chapter 6: Studies have shown that 1 out of 3 credit reports contain errors AND that many errors result from unethical collectors reporting inaccurate information. You have the right to have inaccurate and outdated information removed from your credit records. Learn about the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how to correct your credit reports yourself for nothing more than a little time and effort and improve your credit score in the process! I provide all the information you need, including sample letters.

Chapter 7: Describes how unethical collectors use the small claims court system to obtain judgments and collect old debts. Learn why your appearance in court is so important, even if the debt is not valid. Learn how to prepare for the court appearance and how to talk with the judge! 

Chapter 8: Discover the truth about “bad checks” and what the FDCPA says about bounced checks. Did you know that, in most states, returned checks are only enforceable for two (2) years? You can bet collectors don’t want you to know that! 

Chapter 9: You can sue collectors who violate the FDCPA for up to $1,000 per violation? Learn how to stop their illegal Harassment while gathering enough evidence to sue collectors who harass you and your family. Fight Back! 

Chapter 10: Along with the FDCPA, there are several other consumer protection laws that you can use to stop harassment from collectors and creditors. Learn how these laws can protect you.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act protects against outdated and inaccurate information in your credit records. Learn how to get three FREE credit reports every single year. 

The Truth in Lending Act requires lenders to disclose and describe all terms of the credit or loan contract. 

Wage Garnishment Laws typically limit garnishment to 25 percent of your disposable income. Learn what this means and how to use it to your advantage. Collectors don’t want you to know this information! 

In addition to federal laws, many state laws, statutes, and codes also offer a great deal of protection from harassment by collectors and creditors.

Chapter 11: The Statutes of Limitations (SoL) on debts is a little known part of state law that, when used properly, can stop or prevent collector Harassment and allow you to avoid paying off expired debts legally. This tip alone will save you thousands of dollars!

Chapter 12: Did you know there is a difference between the Statute of Limitations for credit reports and the Statute of Limitations for debts. This chapter clearly explains the difference and lists the Statute of Limitations for the most common types of debts. 

Chapter 13: Learning these debt and credit terms will help you determine whether the FDCPA, state law, or both protect you.

Chapter 14: Top 20 Myths About Debt and Credit Issues: Learn the truth about 20 myths that have mislead people for years. This chapter reveals the truth about payment refusals, credit reporting, the famous 30-day rule, collection charges, charge offs, grace periods, student loans, disposable income, divorce and debts, social security garnishments, medical debts, liens, messages left on answering machines, re-aging of debts, the statute of limitations and more. 

This self-help guide is in PDF format and offers easy navigation so you can quickly locate specific information about any debt or credit issue you are dealing with currently. Whether you’re a consumer, debtor, credit counselor, employer, or consumer attorney, you’ll find my guide to be a handy desk-top reference. 

Along with effective strategies for stopping collection Harassment, you’ll also learn how to avoid the two biggest mistakes people make when collectors call! This information alone will save you years of frustration and thousands of dollars! 

Get your copy today for Only $9.95 

My 100% Money Back Guarantee! 

If for any reason you are not satisfied with my guide, e-mail me within the 10-day risk-free period for a full refund, no questions asked! 

In 1998 I built this website and several others to help people regain control of their life. My sites are free and packed full of information to help consumers deal with debt and credit issues. I learned from personal experience that the more we know about our rights, the better prepared we are to stop illegal collection tactics, abuse, and harassment.

Over the years, I’ve invested considerable amounts of time, ensuring the information on my site is as accurate, helpful, and effective as possible. I’ve done the same in my guide!

Why put up with collector Harassment when you don’t have to? Get your copy today, and you can begin using the strategies, tips, and techniques right away!

Stop Creditor and Collection Harassment Today! Take Control for only $9.95

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What this Self-Help Book is not 

Legal information is NOT the same as legal advice. I am NOT an attorney, and my self-help guide is not legal advice! The step-by-step information comes from personal experience and research. 

Before making decisions that could have legal or financial consequences, I strongly encourage you to consult with legal and financial professionals. Using the information contained within my guide is at your own risk.

This self-help guide is not about getting one over on creditors or debt collectors. People who owe debts and have the financial means to pay them are duty-bound to do so. My self-help guide does not contain information to help consumers avoid paying debts they legally owe. The information I provide helps consumers protect themselves against collectors who use illegal and unethical tactics to collect expired debts or to collect more than is owed. 

My book is NOT a “Credit Repair” guide!

There are plenty of those being sold all over the Internet. I do NOT offer credit repair services. I do however, offer tips and free letters for correcting inaccurate information on your credit reports and improving your credit scores. 

So what is this guide really about?

It’s about learning what laws protect you and how to use these laws to stop illegal and unethical collectors from harassing you and your family. 

The truth is, life is just not fair, and all of us, at one time or another, have experienced situations where we are unable to pay our bills. 

When this happens, most of us feel embarrassed and ashamed and will do just about anything to keep others from finding out about it! Shame is a powerful emotion! Collectors know this, AND they use it against us.

This self-help guide explains what collectors can do, and it describes in detail what they cannot do. This guide puts you in control! 

Rather than continuing to feel scared or ashamed, take control of your situation! “Control the Ball!” You’ll be amazed at the simple things you can do that will make such a huge difference in your life. 

Use the scripts from my guide, so you no longer have to fear a ringing phone! If nothing else, you need to learn my simple question that stops collectors cold!

My guide can help change your life! Use it to restore your self-confidence and get collectors and creditors OFF your Back!

How soon can I get it?

Right now! Get your copy today so you can take control and stop collector Harassment in its tracks! 

Is it guaranteed?

Yes, of course! It comes with a 10-day – no questions asked – love it or delete it – money-back guarantee.

I’ve made it simple and affordable, the rest is up to you. 

Important Note: This book is not shipped by regular mail; it is only available via E-mail.

Stop Creditor and Collection Harassment Today! Take Control for only $9.95

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