Debt and Credit Sample Letters

The most effective way to deal with and resolve debt collection, credit reporting and other debt and credit related issues is to put everything in writing!

You are welcome to copy any letter on this site or submit a FREE letter request and I will gladly send you a copy of the letter!

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Debt Settlement Letter
Expired SoL Letter
Mailing Instructions
Request Free Credit Report
Debt Dispute Letter 1
Stop Calling Letter
Credit Report Dispute 1
Creditor Payment Agreement
Debt Dispute Letter 2
Stop Calling 3rd party Letter
Credit Report Dispute 2
Credit Card Dispute Letter
Debt Dispute New Collector
Judgment Proof Letter
CRA Remove Inquiry Letter
How to Complain Letter
Debt Dispute Still Invalid

Previously Settled Debt Letter

Creditor Remove Inquiry
Complaining After Purchase
Debt Payment Agreement

Final Payment Warning

Add Statement Letter
Credit Purchase Complaint
Amend Debt Payment Letter

FTC Complaint Letter

CRA Remove Old Info Letter
Opt out Letter
Script – How to Handle Collection Calls
Script – How Reach a Payment Agreement with Creditors
Credit Complaint Resolution Letter
How to Complain About a Product Script
Payment Refusal and Termination Letter
Paid In Full Letter
Phone Log
Close Account Letter

Sample Letters Purchase FAQ

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Today! Order now and, barring any server or e-mail problems, you’ll be able to use the letters today.

Although my system usually responds within minutes of placing your order, technology can still break down due to server problems, SPAM filters, incorrect or incomplete e-mail addresses, and so forth. So, depending on what time of the day you order the letters, it may be just a few minutes or several hours before my system receives the order and responds. If you encounter problems, please E-mail me immediately at

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2. Is it really guaranteed?

Yes, of course! It comes with a 10 day – no questions asked – love it or delete it – money back guarantee. It is not about the money! Its about helping consumers like you and me deal with less than professional creditors and collectors.

3. Why would I pay for the letters that you let me copy (or request) free?

Great question! Because maintaining a FREE site is expensive in terms of hosting service costs and the time it takes to keep it updated, I offer the bundled letters package to help offset these costs, and as a convenience to you. After all, if you’re like me, every minute I can spend with my family is precious so I offer the bundled letters package to save you the 30-40 minutes it takes to copy or request over 30 letters.

Whether you choose to copy, request, or purchase the letters, I wish you all the best!

Rich Rafferty
Rich’s Enterprises, LLC

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