Add Statement to Credit Report Letter

Use this letter when you have information that is misleading in your credit reports and/or you’ve disputed the negative information, but the credit reporting agencies refuse to change it.

If negative information in your credit reports is misleading to potential lenders, then consider disputing, correcting or removing the information. If these options fail, then add a 100-word statement to your credit file to clearly explain why the negative information is there in the first place.

An example of this is when you find entries in your credit reports about a delinquent car loan that your ex-spouse was supposed to pay. Although the divorce decree says your ex is responsible for the loan, you learn that you are also still legally responsible because your name is still on the loan contract! Your request to the credit reporting agency to have the information removed was denied because the loan is delinquent, and therefore the information in your report is still accurate. Adding a short explanation of why the negative information is there can remove the sting when potential creditors view your credit reports.

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FREE Sample Letter to Add 100-word statement to explain misleading
information in your Credit Reports!

Today’s Date

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Attention: {insert credit reporting agency name}
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{add CRA address here}

Dear {credit reporting agency}

In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), I wish to add a short statement to my credit file explaining information that your reinvestigation failed to resolve to my satisfaction. For your convenience, I’ve quoted the specific paragraph from the FCRA that gives me the right to add this statement to my credit file:

Section 611b. Statement of Dispute: “If the reinvestigation does not resolve the dispute, the consumer may file a brief statement setting forth the nature of the dispute. The consumer reporting agency may limit such statements to not more than one hundred words if it provides the consumer with assistance in writing a clear summary of the dispute.”

Therefore, in reference to the following line item:

{Place name of creditor here}

{Place account number and/or line item number here}

Please add the following statement to my credit file

“On September 20, I was called up to active duty and sent on a 179 day overseas deployment. During this time my active duty pay was significantly less than my civilian pay causing me a great deal of financial hardship and making it nearly impossible for me to pay all of my debts. Please note that within a very short period of time (120 days) of my release from active duty I brought this account current. The problem is now resolved and will not affect my finances.”  (See additional statements below)

Please provide me written confirmation that you have added the above statement to my credit file within 30 days of this request.


Your Printed Name

Additional Consumer Statements

I was in an accident and unable to work

My employer went bankrupt, and I did not receive/recover several weeks of wages

Due to a natural disaster, my life suffered a major disruption

The product/service ordered was not provided as promised, and the creditor refused to resolve the matter

NOTE: Reassure potential creditors by including the statement, “the problem is now resolved, and will not continue to affect my finances.”