Perhaps you’ve experienced some financial difficulty and cannot pay your debts, or maybe you now have a steady income and wish to resume making payments or wish to settle an old debt.

Maybe you already paid a debt, but now a new collector is calling demanding money for the same account (debt).

Whatever your situation, the best method for dealing with debt and credit issues is to put all correspondence in writing.

Feel free to copy any of the letters below or, if you prefer an electronic copy, submit this FREE Request Form

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Rather than spend time copying or requesting individual letters,
you can get all letters in one convenient package.

Use the free sample debt dispute letters above to draft personalized letters for disputing debts that you do not believe are valid, to stop collection calls; to make payment or settlement offers; to inform collectors that you already paid a debt; inform collectors that you are judgment proof or that the statute of limitations (legal time limit to enforce a debt) has expired.