Use these sample letters to dispute inaccurate, erroneous, outdated, misleading and unverifiable information in your personal credit reports.

When writing your own dispute letters, it’s important to use specific words such as erroneous or outdated or unverifiable so the credit reporting agencies will be motivated to actually investigate your claim. Merely explaining why a debt was not paid might not constitute a dispute. You must give solid reasons to accept your written dispute, otherwise the credit bureau may just dismiss your dispute as frivolous. 

You are welcome to copy and paste any of the free sample letters displayed throughout this site. If you’d like an electronic copy of any letter, simply submit the FREE Request Form and I’ll send you a copy absolutely FREE! 

Rather than spend time copying or requesting individual letters, I offer
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Correcting your own credit files can be time consuming and frustrating but well worth the effort. Simple things like correcting personal information, and having outdated information and unauthorized credit report inquires removed from your credit reports can dramatically improve your credit scores.

IMPORTANT! Under most circumstances, credit bureaus do not remove Accurate and Timely information from personal credit reports! These free letters are provided as examples to help consumers write their own credit report dispute letters to get outdated information and unauthorized credit report inquires removed from their credit reports for the purpose of improving credit scores.