FREE Sample Debt and Credit Letters

Are you trying to resolve issues with creditors, debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, credit bureaus, and other debt and credit-related agencies? 

Not so many years ago, I found myself without a job and needing help dealing with nasty collection calls (and all of the other credit-related issues that pop up when one cannot put food on the table. I needed help, but no one would help me unless I paid them first. I couldn’t pay the bills so I definitely couldn’t afford their services. I ended up researching my rights and discovered I had a lot more power than debt collectors wanted me to know. Using my knowledge, I eventually worked my way through that period of my life, and I vowed that if I ever got the chance to help others dealing with similar issues, that I would.

So, I began building consumer advocate websites in 1998 as a way of fulfilling that vow. This site provides sample letters, phone scripts, and instructions to assist you in dealing with collectors and creditors who don’t like to play by the rules. Use the letters to write your personalized letters to stop illegal and unethical collector and creditor harassment and abuse. All information and documents on this site draw from consumer protection laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA).

Stop Calling Letters: Use these sample letters to legally stop debt collectors from calling and harassing you and your family. Use the 3rd party letter to stop them from calling your parents, family, friends, coworkers, and your boss.

Debt Dispute Letters: Use this sample letter to successfully dispute debts when collectors call and demand money for invalid and/or expired debts. 

Creditor Dispute Letters: Use these sample letters to help you successfully dispute and correct credit card billing errors. You can also use these letters to set up or amend payment agreements with creditors, to resolve complaints about credit card purchases, and to complain to the FTC about creditors who don’t play by the rules. 

Credit Report Dispute Letters:  Use these sample letters to dispute, correct, and remove inaccurate, erroneous, outdated, misleading, and unverifiable information from your credit reports. 

Step-by-Step How-to Instructions: Use these instructions to keep accurate records when filing credit complaints and sending letters to creditors and collectors. You’ll also find letters for requesting free credit reports and for opting out of SPAM and unwanted phone calls. 

Phone Scripts: Use the sample phone scripts to help you discuss delinquent accounts with creditors and debt collectors. 

Feel free to browse around and to copy or download as many free sample letters, instructions, and scripts as you need.